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The Marauders are close to the Blues

The game, the two sides basically sent the original troops, originally served as the Cavaliers four groups of the left side of the Graben back to partner Hayes side, and the game wounded Senator MacArthur also continue to play. Open Rangers took an overwhelming advantage, just five minutes they opened the record,(click Buy Madden 18 Coins the center Zepinjad Judder along the right side of the board wall into the Senate floor area, he withstand the Senate defense teenager Harper's pursuit of inverted triangle cross door Before the unmarked Zucca Le Luo shot the top left corner of the net, 1: 0.The 13th minute, the Senate team fatal mistakes, the rider will be the ball hanging to the floor area, goalkeeper Anderson ready to attack, but when he saw the guard Hapoor has been in place after the choice of return, but Hapur did not cut off the ball, The ball of the Graben direct choice around the door, not back to Anderson can only hit the ball rolled into the door, 2: 0. The leading rangers of rainbow, Zucca Le Luo - Zebenajad - Clyde group continuous manufacturing threat, single-shot number of rangers to 15: 5 lead, but Anderson continuous make a fight, let points The difference has not been further expanded.The second section of the scene tends to balance, but the rover get more opportunities, Anderson continuous saved Grabner's shot, and four groups of striker Smith's injury also brought a blow to the senators.
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