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Charlotte will host the 2019 All-Star Alliance for their green light

It is reported that the 2019 All-Star Weekend will be held in the United States time on February 15 - 17 in Charlotte, which for the Charlotte is a good news, after all, they had the opportunity to host the All-Star in 2017 Weekend, (how to get you can come to lolga) but because the North Carolina government passed an HB2 bill (also known as the toilet bill), refused to protect the interests of gay, bisexual and transgender, the Union canceled their 2017 All-Star weekend rights, and decided to let New Orleans instead of Charlotte hosted the 2017 All-Star Weekend.In fact, the league announced in 2015, Charlotte held the 2017 All-Star Weekend rights, but the "toilet bill" turned out to change all this, Xiao Hua chose to support gender equality, strong against the bill. NBA canceled Charlotte held the 2017 All-Star weekend's behavior to win outside praise, including Hornets boss Michael Jordan. But at the same time, Jordan has been trying to lobby, hoping the alliance can open a green light for Charlotte, so that the 2019 All-Star weekend came to Charlotte.North Carolina government recently revoked the "toilet bill", the NBA began to reconsider the All-Star weekend back to Charlotte, and through a variety of visits and discussions, the league finally decided to let the 2019 All-Star weekend. NBA plans to officially announce the news tomorrow."We want to showcase our values ​​of equality and inclusion through a successful All-Star weekend in Charlotte." Xiao Hua had previously said that.Hornets boss Jordan said in a statement, "All-Star Weekend is an international event that can bring great economic impact to our city and show our city, our team and passionate Hornets to the world The charm of the fans.It is worth mentioning that, NCAA also canceled before the ban in North Carolina held a championship championship decision. According to the Associated Press reported in March, North Carolina because of the "toilet bill" economic losses reached $ 3.76 billion.
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