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C Lo celebrates the heart of Label photo

Bell suffered four injuries this season, and this fourth injury will let Bell missed the league ending war. And C Lo is in the last three games in a row goal, became the team beat Barcelona to win the core of the championship. Real Madrid won the championship after a 7-0 away win over Málaga, the opening 98 seconds into a ball of C Lo after the game has become the object of concern to journalists.Bell is also wearing a Real Madrid to win the celebration jersey, but because the end of the league and the last round of the Spanish did not play, so there is no attention by reporters, he can only embarrassed watching his teammates to celebrate, watching teammates surrounded by reporters.(welcome to our FIFA 18 Coins site .C Luo's side stood full of journalists, but the Portuguese have noticed some lonely Bell, so in front of the reporter's point to the direction of Bell, it is clear that C Luo do not want journalists only concerned about their own, while ignoring Bell La Liga champions made the contribution. And journalists also react, against Bell burst of Kuangpai.Soon after, C Lo also let Cohen Trent for him to find a Portuguese flag, C Luo will be the flag to his body, while another Lanhuai Bell, with his teammates to accept the reporter's shooting.
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