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Downgrade leads to get out of class

Sunderland on the official website announced the official resignation of coach Moyes. This season, Sunderland at the bottom of the Premiership relegation, which is the main reason for Moyes get out of class.Sunderan said in(click FIFA Coins e a statement on the official website: "Moyes in London on Monday morning to attend the meeting, formally informed the club president's own decision to resign." And when talking about the matter, Sunderland Club President Ellis - Schott Said: "Before I took office last summer, I had long been pleading with Moyes for our work, and now his decision makes us feel very sad .At the whole season, he is trying to avoid relegation for the team. Today, Moyes chose Do not take any compensation to leave the team, which proves his conduct, and in the future we will reflect on the lessons of the season and then try to prepare for the next season's signings and matches, and I hope Moyes will be all right.Moyes succeeded Allardyers in the summer as Sunderland coach, but in the past 2016-17 season, Sunderland in the Premier League only won six victories, but lost a full 26 games, the final Plot 24 points ranked the first downgrade. After announcing his resignation, Moyes also made his own remarks, saying: "I thank Schott Chairman and the Board for giving me the opportunity to coach Sunderland, and I thank the fans for their enthusiastic support for the club. I hope the players and my The successor in the next season to return to the Premier League in the journey of all the smooth.
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