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Japan's magic wing Nou Camp offer dual ring

In the Nou Camp stadium, Evar let Barcelona scared out a cold sweat, dry Guishi is used to remember the world wave to Nou Camp fans remember their own. Ewal left gate not only become the first in the history of the Spanish team to break the Barcelona goal(visit Cheap FIFA 18 Coins of the Japanese players, but also became the first 15 years in the Spanish single field to complete the double-gun Japanese players.Barcelona's right-sided defense has been not strong enough, Sergey - Roberto attack strong defensive weak, defensive often feel bad position, and in the pique, Mascherano both absent in the case, the second in La Liga Malone experience is not enough rich, which makes Barcelona's right-sided zone always loopholes. Mendi Livar also caught the weakness of the instructions, the instructions of the dry time before the plug should be placed, Eval's first ball is from this tactic.Opening only 7 minutes, Kappa right accurate oblique pass, Malone caving, Roberto I do not know what to do, dry Guier not wait for the ball landing, direct volley Tuishe broke, did not give the opportunity to save the opportunity. This is a great historical value of the goal, dry Guishi became the first in the history of the Spanish break Barcelona goal of the Japanese players.After the first to break the deadlock, Evar took the initiative to retreat half, but before the end of the first half, the dry again to create a threat, after receiving the back of the Kiko, Japan left right foot Tuishe, the ball unbiased Hit the post, Barcelona escaped. And in the first 61 minutes, dry Guishi is to enter a world wave, received Enrique's ball, the dry left foot volley direct fire, the ball hit the cross after the ball into the goal.After becoming a successor to Betis's Castro, the second season in Nou Camp scored twice the visiting team players. More importantly, the dry Guishi became the first in 15 years since the La Liga scored twice the players, on a player to do this is the town of Chang two, February 27, 2002, in the Baladuo Li Germany on Oviedo a war, Cheng Chang two scored twice.As the main left of Evar, dry Guishi had 27 appearances only scored 1 goal, that is, April 1 away against Villarreal a war. But in the Nou Camp stadium, the dry wind of the wind is very smooth, 4 shots all shot and scored 2 goals, so excellent shot conversion rate and even let the missed single-handedly Suzales ashamed. After moving from Frankfurt to Ewal, the two schedules scored three goals in La Liga, and the second in Nou Camp will be the most memorable occasion of the career.
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