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I still can not sleep

Although last season led the Cavaliers round the championship dream, although this season once again played a dominant performance, but James did not relax, he said he still can not sleep.In the playoffs this year, James played an epic performance, the game for him is like a breeze.(click NBA Live Mobile Coins) His knight ruthlessly swept the Pacers and the Raptors, in the Eastern Conference finals in the first game, they also easily beat the Celtics away. be said that sometimes, James on the pitch dominance is ruthless. But if you think that after winning the championship last season, after the playoffs in the season once again played a dominant performance, James will be relaxed, then you are wrong. "No," James said in an interview with James Herbert, a journalist at CBS Sports. "You can throw this question to other people, but I do not, I still can not sleep."The second game of the Eastern Conference final will be held today in Boston. If history means anything, that is today the game is the Celtics must win the game. First, James has never lost a series (20 wins and 0 losses) in the 2-0 leading playoff series; secondly, although the Celtics have finished this season at 0-2 Over the reverse (the first round against the Bulls), but in the NBA history, no team in the same year the playoffs to complete the 0-2 reversal.So James knows that in today's game, the Celtics will play more aggressive, harder. "For me now, everything is willpower." James said, "think about it, I put a lot of work into the game, as for the physical side, I take care of very good, but it is for me Mentally, I fully understand what happens to the game, understand what we and they want to do, so for me, about 90% is willpower.
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