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Penguin home finished Senate equalizer

Penguin team to continue onslaught, the first 5 points in the penguin get a great opportunity, two groups of left-wing Kournis before grab the success, center Margin gold ball back to the defender Louis Weidel, who no one to see the next shot Anderson bravely resolved, the other side of the partner Cole's long shot hit the post (for more info about NHL 17 Coins click Cheap NHL 17 Coins, the successive pressure of the senator helpless choice of dead ball offenses, trying to delay the penguin's attack, a group of penguins Croisby - Gan Zeer Rui once also have the opportunity, Anderson to save the penguin long-range unsuccessful, rebound in the ball fell to the front of Xie Rui, but his shot was the first step Senator guard West West to destroy. Finally in the first 13 minutes, the penguin broke the deadlock on the field, the achievements of their recent performance is very active two groups, Malkin from the left side of the ball into the blue line, he attracted two defensive players cross to pass Kassel, who fired for the first time by Senator Pagir, but he got the rebound after the second shot, and finally broke Anderson's fingers off, 1: 0 penguin got the lead.The backward senators began to fight back, but the penguins surmounted in the blue line near the tight blockade of the Senate's attack, so that they burst into the blue line often without success, can only use the long-range threat to Fullei guard the door The The last time the penguin team removed the goalkeeper desperate, but Fulai Rui continuous brave to make the senator frustrated, the two groups of center Tuli and Malkin and Ku Nick and others conflict, but the penguins still stubbornly hold a ball Of the victories, Fulai Rui also won the second round of the playoffs this year.
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