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Multi-team has asked the Lakers Russell

Los Angeles Lakers for the third consecutive year won the second place pick, the current multi-team in the league asked Dan Jeluo - Russell's transaction value.Russell is the Lakers 15 years selected second place, he has been the team's main defender, in the last season, Russell 60 times which were averaging 15.6 points and 4.8 assists and 3.5 rebounds. With the Lakers won the draft pick this year, rookie Bauer became the Lakers second place popular candidate, and his style and location and Russell some overlap, Powell father in various occasions that non-Lakers do not go (how to get you can come to lolga) . Only for the Lakers training.Under Russell and Bauer, many experts believe that Bauer is more worthy of the Lakers future training object, even if Russell can play the guard, but Clarkson can also bearers. In the Lakers won the list when the first time, there are many teams take the initiative to the Lakers inquiry Russell.Russell's rookie contract is left for two years, and he has deal value among all the starting players. Lakers management changes, Magic Johnson as president, the famous broker Palin as the general manager. Magician recently interviewed, said the team is the future of Ingram for the young core team, this sentence is the signal that Russell is not the team for sale. Russell joined the Lakers after two seasons, compared to other young players progress is not, and the game style is often questioned.This summer Russell and Clarkson two defenders have been rumors of the transaction, if the Lakers to get Paul - George, the two players at least one person will inevitably leave the transaction.
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