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Rocket defense is developing a good habit

Houston Rockets Western Conference semifinals were eliminated by the San Antonio Spurs, the end of the season game, coach Mike - D'Antoni said the season, said the next season to the Rockets defense to the championship level.D'Antoni accepted the Houston Chronicle reporter Jonathan - Fagan interview, he mentioned the team this season defense, next season will be the rocket defense to build the league's top ten standards."Defense is the place we should be proud of this season, the league's top ten defense is the goal,(get more Cheap NBA Live Coins from lolga I will ensure that the team can become better." D'Antoni said: "Our team between the establishment of trust, players and coaching staff The assistant coach Jeff Beck Derek has done quite a great job.If you do not pay attention to see, will not find our defense how good, but Jeff has been cultivated between the players Good habits, it will take time, this is our next step, the next season the team will become better.
17.5.17 08:44


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